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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Experience

Mount Batur is an incredibly picturesque sight not to be missed on your trip to Bali, Indonesia. Take advantage of your stay and explore the beauty of this iconic mountain. The Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour with a sharing guide will be the ideal way to witness the stunning views of Bali’s sunrise over Lake Batur from atop the mountain. This holder of natural magic has been blessed with a beautiful sunrise that will leave unforgettable impressions in your mind. The sharing guide will take you on a journey through lush rainforests and rugged lava stones, ensuring safety while at the same time providing informative insights into the incredible natural surroundings. You will be able to reach the summit in time for sunrise, where you can relax and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast while taking in the magnificent views. This unforgettable adventure is not to be missed!

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Price/Participant (No Lunch)

$30 (Rp450,000)

Does not include cost for car hire


  • Breakfast Banana Pancake, Tea & Coffe
    Experienced Sharing Guide and Trekking Equipment
    Shuttle Car from Base Camp to Starting Point
    Mineral water

Pay in cash or credit card

Pay in advance by credit card; or pay in cash directly to your driver at the beginning of the trip.

The driver will assist you in exchanging the entrance tickets.

Terms & Conditions

As Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ticket sell separately from the car hire?

Yes. However, it also means that you have the advantage in terms of flexibility. Instead of being done and delivered back to hotel after the tour finished, you can visit more destinations within a day. Combined with our Attraction Price Directory, you’ll be able to make a calculated cost to save much more.

Is there a minimum participant?

Normally we don’t, but in regards to Blue Lagoon Snorkeling, 2 persons at minimum is required. Nonetheless, if you are coming in larger numbers (let’s just say 10 persons traveling in our big van (Toyota HiAce)) but only 2 persons want to book, then you’d still be eligible.

Say if we're 10 people but only 2 persons want to do this, how about the other 8? Do they have to wait?

No they don’t have to. Instead of waiting our driver can send the 8 around to other attractions that suit them more and then return to pickup the 2 when they’re finished. Talk about the perks of hiring a car & driver for an entire day.

Does this tour comes with a lowest-cost guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee that if you can find other legitimate providers/agents who sell cheaper ticket with the same inclusions as ours, we’ll give you 10% lower than what they offer.

How can I check if what you're selling is legit?

As part of our core value of transparency, we always state the operator name in each of our tour deals so you can look up their company on the internet for price.

Do you provide more discounts for large group?

We can give you additional discounts if you are booking for more than 10 participants. Please let us know about this in your reservation.